Week 1 – Core Blog #1

What is knowledge? How do you define it personally? And what knowledge do you possess? What knowledge do you hope to gain from a semester in Core? When you look over the modules in the syllabus and think about Sagan, Descartes, and what Wil van Breugel said, does anything speak to you personally?

In my opinion, knowledge is information that we learn and retain from repetitive practices and events.  For example, after repetitive practice with mathematics, we gain and retain that knowledge to advance through our academic careers and apply it in the real world.  In addition to this, it is also gained from observations through our surroundings, our communities, our society, and the rest of the world.  We learn from our mistakes and do our best to avoid the mistakes that others have made.  However, I think that we must not assume that knowledge is equivalent to or more significant than experience.

According to Tom Hothem, he stated during his Core lecture called “What Do We Know?” that knowledge is dated and specific in the time frame that we’re in… I do believe that his statement is true.  We have a difficult time understanding the English language from Shakespeare’s time. If time travel were possible and we brought an English scholar from his period to our modern time, I think he would find our grammar quite repulsive since our styles in writing, reading, and communication has drastically changed over time.

Based off of Tom Hothem’s list of different kinds of knowledge, I believe that I have various ranges of knowledge for every category. I already noticed that almost everything has a connection between each other. Without the discovery or research of certain topics, the aftermath would not exist and we would not be as technologically advanced as we are now.

During the discussion, we briefly talked about the Civil Rights Movement.  We agreed that it has resulted in the diversity of our lives. I also had an epiphany that if the Civil Rights Movement never occurred, I would not exist today. My parents met in the U.S. They came to America in hopes of seeking for new opportunities and a better life.  The Civil Rights Movement contributed to the U.S.’s reputation.  If discrimination and segregation still existed, they wouldn’t have immigrated to the States and I would’ve never been born.

As I read through the modules in the syllabus, topics relating science and heritage spark my interest. In this semester of Core, I hope to become better rounded and learn about different topics that I use to find irrelevant to my life.  After a large dosage of maturity being injected into my personality, I realized that I would only be limiting myself if I do not even bother being open-minded about topics that are not superficially related to biology.

My question is: Do you think knowledge is equivalent to or more significant than experience? Provide an example with your argument.

~Vivian Tran~


2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Core Blog #1

  1. Oh Vivian! What a lot of wonderful things you brought up. I wish I had all day to answer each blog. i’m hoping that your classmates will start being brave and come visiting. (NO ONE has replies!)
    I know on my own Core journey I have found many things that I had no interest in to be relevant to other things I know, and also things that are important to my life. At times I would sit there fighting it…”I have no time for this,” but in the end I started to see how it all fit together. I will leave your question open for others to answer.
    I’m looking forward to more of your insights…~ pam

  2. mzhou2 says:

    Personally, I think that experience is more significant than knowledge because knowledge may be gained through experience.You can have knowledge of things like how to build a computer, but without actually building the computer you will only know the steps of building a computer, you haven’t actually experienced building it yourself.

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